Equal opportunities policy statement and procedure

Dawn’s New Horizon is committed to equal opportunities for all their staff and volunteers.

The management committee aims to ensure that no person wishing to join the group, whether voluntary or paid, receives less favourable treatment because of race, colour, ethnic origin, sex, marital status or disability, or through any recruitment which cannot be justified by the requirements of their job or status.

In order to achieve its objectives, the committee will:

  1. Recognise its legal obligations under the Race Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act and Disabled Person Employment Act
  2. Recruit, select and promote individuals solely on the basis of their merits and requirements of the job
  3. Encourage all persons who believe that they may have suffered discrimination, or sexual or racial harassment, to raise the matter through an appropriate procedure
  4. Provide committee members and employees with instruction and information to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities for equal opportunities
  5. Distribute and publicise this policy to all members of the committee and display it were appropriate.


Dawn’s New Horizon voluntaries and committee members support the right of all people to go about their normal lives without harassment. Anyone who harasses another person will be liable to legal action.

Harassment is where one person behaves in an offensive or threatening way towards another person. There are a number of types of harassment, including sexual harassment, racial harassment and bullying.

Harassment is most likely to occur where the victim is in a weak position, e.g. where the harasser is physically stronger or has some authority.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is sexually offensive or intimidating behaviour towards someone of the opposite sex. Different types of behaviour can cause harassment. Examples include:

  • Making unwanted physical contact
  • Making remarks or suggestions of a sexual nature
  • Gestures, stares and wolf-whistles
  • Showing suggestive pictures or other materials.

Racial harassment

Racial harassment is behaviour towards someone of a different racial group, motivated by racial dislike or hatred.

What to do if you are a victim of harassment

If you are suffering harassment, if possible ask the person to stop and make it clear that if they do not stop you will make a formal complaint. If this is not possible, or does not work, talk to one of the committee members who will give you advice.

It is best if you submit your complaint in writing to one of the committee members. This will then be followed up with an investigation and prompt action where necessary.

At all times, concerns for the interests of the victim will be of paramount concern.